Polypropylene Wax PPW-36(Lower crystalline)

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Chemical Composition
Polypropylene wax

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Technical Parameters

Appearance White Granule
Melting point   107-115
Viscosity  (170 ℃) 8000-11000
Particle size 20mesh

Characteristics and Purposes
PPW-36 is a high viscosity polypropylene wax . Having excellent performance in pigments wetting and dispersion, which can effectively improve the quality of polyolefin masterbatches  suit for high class field metallocene propylene – ethylene polymer wax,low crsytalline and excellent thermal stability and adhesive performance ,chemical resistance and wetting dispersion,the good lubrication ,and compatibility with other wax . high penetration , and high price/performance .

Contents and Methods of Use
Hot melt adhesive : suggstion of 20-30%to reduce the viscosity, adjust the condensation time of polyolefin and EVA matrix
Leather and shoose maintaince: suggesion of 3-5%to heighten waterproof and provide very soft paint-coat
Water-based emulsiton wax : suggestion of 5-50%,low viscosity ,excellent wettability ,easy to emulsified into wax emulsion .
Solvent based coating : Suggwstion of 1-3% to improve the wetting rheology and the surface properties.helps to improve the hardness, and scratch resistance, can assist on matting, will not smoke under 180°C baking.
Textile: Suggestion of 5-8%to help to improve sewing and fabric cutting performance and help to lengthen cutter machine life .
Thick color masterbach and PPfiber masterbatch ,Multilayer BOPP film masterbatch :Suggestion of 4-6% as the carrier of masterbatch ,can be better and faster dispersion of colorant additives and fillers.Can carry out the decentralized processing to make the wax slurry with the wax powder concentration at 20-30%., then add it into the systems when needed, which can decrease the dispersion time.
Rubber products: Suggestion of 2-10% to improve processing performance and additives dispersion .
Other fields : Suggestion according to exact requirement .

Packaging and Storage
Paper-plastic bag, net weight: 25 kg / bag or 1ton/pallet
This product is non-dangerous goods. Please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.Store under the temperature of 50 ℃  and dry ,no ash place . Don`t mix to store with food chemical products and oxidizing agent.

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