FISCHER-TROPSCH WAX F50 low melting point wax

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Chemical Composition
Polyethylene Wax

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Technical Data

Melting point  


Viscosity cps@140 ℃ 6-10
Penetration 0.1mm(25℃) ≤30
Thermal Stability  h(12525℃) 24
Acide value mgkoh/g <0.1
Appearance White  granule
The products are produced from natural gas by the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Purification is followed by distillation to fractionate the respective products into their respective solidifica- tion point ranges.
Used as excellent external lubricant in PVC profile,, pipe, pipe fitting, foam board, WPC products ,etc. It has good late-period lubricating ability ,and will bring more glossy appearance and lower processing torque.
Used as efficient dispersant in masterbatch , filled masterbatch, modified masterbatch and functional masterbatch. It makes the products inorganic components and pigments dispersed better, and get more beautiful appearance .
Used as excellent external lubricant in PVC stabilizer ,especially in Ca-Zn stabilizer. Additional use suitable inner lubricant, it will highly improve the overall effect of stabilizer and increase the cost-effective correspondingly.
Used in hot melt adhesives can better adjust the products viscosity and hardness, improve its fluidity. .
Used in paint, coating and the road marking paint,its main performance is heat resistance, deforming ,leveling, anti-setting and dispersion. It can increase the products surface hardness, wear-resistance and anti-smearing properties.
Used as modifier in paraffin wax, and improve the paraffin`s melting point ,crystallinity ,etc
Used as releasing agent and protective agent in rubber .

Rubber protective wax
Rubber processing
Wax for food or medicine
Premium chlorinated paraffin
Fine candles
Softener for testile

Package and storage
F.T.WAX is packed in kraft paper and woven bags with internal plastic bags with 25KG each net weight. It must not be drenched by rain and scorched by sun. It can be stored for two years.

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