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High density oxidized polyethylene wax


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Specification SX-36 Testing standard
Softening point ℃ 140±5 ASTMN 1319
Density(g/cm3@25℃ 0.98-1 ASTMD1505
Penetration(dmm@25℃) ≤1 ASTMD1321
Molecular weight 8500-12000 ASTMD445
Acide value(mgKOH/g) 16±2 ASTMD1386
Appearance powder ………………

PVC transparent products/ransparent film lubricants
SX-36 high-density oxidized polyetylene wax such as SX-36 shows outstanding performance for transparenet product application ,especially for PVC film produced by blowing and extrusion process .It has been proven to be an unique solution .
Since transparent products have a high requirement for lubricants and also transparency ,and general external lubricnts will make PVC opaque,whereas SX-36 does not affect the transparency of transparent products while also helping melt flow and metal release.It has been recognized as the most effectiv product in the market .

PVC foam board lubricants
SX-36 high-performance lubrican products have been proven to provide effective performance .it can also customize the formulations according to the product requirement to meet diversified demands of lubricants from customers .
It has excellent metal release effect , fusion promote effect , dispersion effect for filler ,reduces plate out/longer working hours , provides a wilder processing window,especially for some special foam products .

PVC edge band lubrciants
For PVC edge band application , it is essential to ensure smooth processing and no immigrated wax to surface and influencing downstream processing ,Such as printing/lamination etc. SX-115 and SX-36 can help PVC edge band enterprises to improve product quality and reduce scrap rate .
It can effectively promotes melt fusion , promotes fusion speed ,improves metal release and reduces plate out effectively .

PVC foam board
PVC advertising board
PVC cabinet board
PVC transparent tile
PVC floor, PVC SPC floor
Building template

Plasticizing: increasing plasticizing while reducing torque;
Demoulding: It can reduce the adhesive force of thermoplastic melting and increase the melt fluidity, improve demoulding and increase the output;
Lubrication: improve gloss and appearance of finished products;

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