Oxidized Polyethylene wax SX-60

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Product Introduction:
Low density oxidized polyethylene wax SX- 60 is a processing aid  for the plastic industry ,emusion wax ,PVC processing ,printing ,dying ,masterbach and coating.

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Product properties:

Index Value Unit
Appearance Yellow flake
Density 0.94 g/cm³
Melting point 100±5
Acid value 20±5 mgKOH/g
Viscosity@ 150°C(302°F) 300-500 cps
penetration@ 25°C(77°F) 1-4 dmm

Product Advantages:
Easy to be emulsify and disperse, It can be used in dying and the finishingprocess of clothing industry after emulsifying . It can increase the fabric`s soft performance .It also can be used in the production of water based ink and shoe polish ,the moisture-proofing for papperboard box .
Lubrication performance is good and has both internal and external lubrication effect . Excellet compatibility ,can improve polymer plasticizing .
Wettability ,dispersion effect is better

Improve energy consumption during PVC extrusion ,helps to achieve excellent external lubrication and improve gloss .

Gives the product excellent surface gloss , reduces deposits in process due to a lack of metal ions .

In  Rigid PVC products such as PVC water pipe/PVC profile , it is helful to add an appropriate quantity   of it in lead salt/calcium zinc/organotin stable systems .

Maintains effective system viscosity during high-temperature PVC processing .

Reduces energy consumption during PVC extrusion .


Product Applications:
Making wax emulston
Used in PVC and rubber processing, as lubricant ,moulding agent and phase solvent to incrrease the products flexible ,surface smoothness and the finished products ratio.
It can be used as dispersing agent ,lubricant ,brightener in color masterbatch,additives,filler masterbatch .
Used as scratch resistance in painting ,dying field .

Used in variety hot melt adhesives production .
Used as water proof ,anti-setting agent in coating field .

When properly stored under dry conditions,can be kept in the original containers for a practically unlimited period.However,prolonged storage may cause the water content to change .This may need to be checked before the product is used.

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