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Polyethylene Wax

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Technical Data Sheet
MPE-26 are highly fragmented with the unique use of advanced powder molding process combined with modern nanotechnology which make narrow particle size distribution and stable properties. Podax® micronized waxes are mainly used in printing inks and coatings, and it generally helps the dispersion of resins and form a smooth layer to protect the surfaces from scratch and rub.

Characteristics and Purposes
Excellent scratch & rub resistance.
Good gloss and slip. Anti-blocking.
Good fluidity and easy for dispersion.

Application: Printing inks, powder coatings, can&coil coatings, car coatings.

General technical data:

Characteristics Unit Target value
Appearance White Micronized Powder
Particle size D50 [µm] 6-8
Particle size D90 [µm] 11-13
Melting point [°C] 125-128
Density(23°C) [g/cm³] 0.95-0.96

* The amount of adding is according to the producing system and formula and generally it is 0.3%–2% of total amount.

Packaging and Storage
1 Paper-plastic bag, net weight: 20 kg / bag.
2 This product is non-dangerous goods. Please store it away from ignition sources and strong oxidants.

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