High melting Fischer-tropsch wax : SX-F115

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High melting point Fischer-tropsch wax

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High melting point Fischer-tropsch wax:

Congealing point  ℃ >105
Melting point  ℃ 110-115
Viscosity cps@140 ℃ 5-10
Penetration0.1mm(25 ℃) <1
Volatility <0.5
Density G/cm3@25 ℃ 0.91-0.94
Appearance White prill

The products are produced from natural gas by the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Purification is followed by distillation to fractionate the respective products into their respective solidifica-tion point ranges.
The Fischer-tropsch`s wax used in color masterbatch and modified plastic industry , it can help filler`s disperion and excellent smoothness .
Use fischer -tropsch`s wax in PVC as the external lubricants , low viscosity can improve the products producing speed . and can help pigment and filler to disperse. Especially in the high viscosity system `s extrusion has the better application . So, it can save 40-50% compare to the ordinary pe wax .Furthuremore , it can improve the product`s surface gloss absolutely .
Used in concentrated color masterbatch , it can wet pigment effectively and decrease extrusion viscosity .
It has higher congealing point and improve the hot melt adhesive`s heat resistance .Fischer-tropsch wax`s price -quality ration is better than PE wax.
Painting ink and coating : it can improve applied material`s crease resistance and abrasion resistance used in painting ink and coating as the particles powder shape . Add powder coating resin ,it has the lubrication effect in the course of extrusion and reduce screw torque and energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

High-class melt adhesive
Rubber processing
Premium polishing wax
Mould wax
Leather wax
PVC processing

Package and storage:
F.T.WAX is packed in kraft paper and woven bags with internal plastic bags or polyethylene woven bags with 25KG each net weight. It must not be drenched by rain and scorched by sun. It can be stored for  two years.

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