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Appearance: white powder

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Appearance: white powder
Breif introduction: We supply two kinds of CPE including of plastic type and rubber type.
–Plastic type: Main application is as modifier impact in PVC products.

It has fine multiple physical property with good low – temperature flexibility and better tearing strength. Its dissolved parameter are nearly same as PVC and it has good affinity with PVC. Under the condition of right proces sing, it can form a network composition inside of the hard PVC finish products and give them good normal, low -temperature flexibility and impact strength.

It is white powder and innocuous. Since hydrogen atoms are replaced by chlorine atoms the crytallization of HDPE was destroyed and becomes soft and full of rubber property.Because of the presence of chlorine atom, CPE turns into polar polymers and have the same polar groups as PVC. Under this situation, it increases the compatibility of PVC. In addition,it can blend with PE, PS and rubber to improve its physical properties.

Item Unit Index
Chlorine content 135A % 35±1
Heat stable time 165℃ min ≥ 8
Volatile Matter content % ≤0.4
Tearing Strength Mpa ≥8.0
Fineness 26mesh % ≥99
Shore Hardness (A) % ≤65
Apparent Density g/ml3 ≥0.55
Impurity Particle PC/ 10g < 3
Tensile elongation % ≥700

Package: in 25kg bag or 650kg/1300kg jumbo bag.
It should be stored in cool and dry

places with good ventilation. The expiring date is 12 months after the production date.

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