No matter what kind of system of calcium and zinc compound stabilizer is inseparable from a good lubrication system, because the good lubrication system has low volatility, good release and flow performance, and can improve the stability of the stabilizer at high temperature, extend the thermal stability time, reduce impurities precipitation, improve the weather resistance of the product. Most companies adopt polyethylene wax composite system based on cost factors, but this lubrication system has some defects such as small molecule precipitation in the processing process and reduced lubrication effect in the later stage. Some companies have  also tried to use imported fischer-Tropsch synthetic wax lubrication system to

improve the performance of calcium and zinc stabilizer, the effect is obvious, but the high price makes the cost of the product unbearable.

Fischer-tochner synthetic wax has obvious synergistic effect with calcium and zinc stabilizer and other auxiliary agents, which can help stabilizer to prolong thermal stabilization time, reduce melt viscosity, and reduce friction between molecules and between molecules and mechanical wall. Improve the initial colouring of products. It has a positive effect on the mechanical properties of products.

As its lower viscosity (around 10) ,the dosage is only 70-80% of PE WAX and tiny volatility (0.5%), it can decrease the production cost . 

The above brief  introduction can make us have a know F.T.wax`s better  advantage than PE wax in stabilzier .

Post time: Oct-24-2022